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The 1000 NFTs OG Medals were airdropped to active early believers inside the most popular WEB 3.0 discussion website: DSCVR. The OG Medals have more than 40+ Rare ICP Memes and Legendary versions, also ICP, BTC & ETH coins, each made with materials such as Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Rare, with a mix of shapes, ornaments and variations. I hope that the lucky ones who received a medal enjoy your precious collectible hosted inside the Internet Computer, serving as a testimony that you were here when the Bitcoin Integration happened, and also, it's my way to say thank you! because I am thankful to be part of this amazing community, we are all here building the future of Blockchain and Crypto, so... I'll keep bringing more content and memes! Don't forget to follow me and you will know what's next! @DKLORD89




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