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⭐ The Journey of the Stars!! The Legendary Crypto Currencies toggles from thier comfort zone to explore greatness of the Universe at its peak. They took the path of Dfinity, Stumbled but refused to fall. Are You all ready to embark on the journey of the Stars with these Giant Star Coins⭐? A quick note: All CoinStarsNFT holders will continue to enjoy special immunity all along the journey of the stars for sticking with us from the start. 222 Exclusive Crypto Currencies on Internet Computer! Taking us on a tour across the Sphere. Each has beautiful background, with world class history. There will be a giveback reward for our holders, - {Hold To Earn} hold The CoinStarsNFT to earn $STAR Snapshot of holders will be taken every week, no specific day or time, it will not be disclosed. List High or Delist Listings below 10 ICP will be excluded from the $Star drop. WGMI!! - Airdrop of our upcoming series The second Collection on the list of our series will be created in the forth phase and will be airdropped to the holders of the CoinStarsNFT, then the remaining will be open for public sale.




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