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Boxy Dude is a collectible and breedable 10K NFT living in Dfinity Blockchain. There are 62 unique original 100% rare Boxy Dude NFT with higher breeding power.

Each Boxy is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. For every 62 original, we will airdrop Boxy Girl. The Boxy Girl is assigned randomly to all Boxy Dude holders, but the original Boxys will receive the original Boxy Girl, and the remaining holders will receive random airdrops. Try to match your Boxy Girls rarity with your Boxy Dude's rarity for more powerful breeding capability.

Every original Boxy Dude is unique, with its own set of traits that we call Boxes. For example, when you breed Boxie Dude and Boxy Girl together, you get a Boxy Baby with a blend of "Dudetributes" inherited from its parents. The remaining NFTs are a mix of attributes from the original Boxy Dudes. Every NFT has its rarity starting from a high of 99.9%. The rarer your NFT is, the more breeding power you have. Keep your Boxy's handy because you will need them in the Boxy Verse.




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